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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
*** We are working on new website ***


Linda Sweet


Smithd694 11/08/2018
Hi. Only wanted to ask a quick issue. Now i am egkaakgedkdgeege

birthday gift (Brazil)

Marcal 02/08/2018
Hello Linda Sweet okay, I have not forgotten your birthday present I will send it to you this year.


Luca 11/07/2018
Purtroppo si...sembra un fantasma davvero. Un peccato. Avra tanti impegni che non può rispondere....

Come stai?

Luca 06/07/2018
Ciao Linda. Potresti dirmi se stai bene? Se la tua vita è felice? So che se stata male e che ora è tutto ok. Mi piacerebbe tanto incontrarti e parlare con te. Ovviamente sei così bella che solo vederti mi renderebbe felice.

Re: Come stai?

Patrick 07/07/2018
No news, good news ? .... or Linda is a ghost?

New website

Alex 06/07/2018
When is the new site up?

Bellissima linda

Luca 01/07/2018
Ciao Linda. Sei cosi bella che vorrei incontrarti e passare una notte intera con te. Sono italiano e spero che tu riesca a passare in Italia nei tuoi viaggi. Verrei dovunque!!! Ciao

Days on spain

Suso 14/06/2018
Come to Spain, i want to meet you :). How much one hour?

GGG shoot

Marius 15/05/2018
Hey Linda i was joining your shoot at Thom Johnsson do you know when
the film will be availabel. Or is it already online ? You are such a amazing cutey.

Kind Regards


Ron 08/05/2018
Hi Linda, I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful work over the years. It has provided me with countless pleasureable nights and I am forever in your debt. Your beauty inside and out will always be remembered.
Good luck on all your future adventures!

P.S. Canada is a beautiful country I highly recommend coming here

Crystal Greenvelle

FanLegalporno 01/05/2018
Hi Linda. Do you know what happened to Crystal Greenvelle? She retired?

Re: Crystal Greenvelle

Someone 11/05/2018
Yes she left the industry

Re: Crystal Greenvelle

Linda Sweet 14/05/2018
She is doing Scort at the moment in Russian


Pavel 29/04/2018
Jaroslava Pavlíková je obyčejná prodejná štětka bez sebeúcty.

55 21 964155943

Marcos Telles 24/04/2018
Oi Linda ! Sou seu fã o primeiro filme (o da escola). Gosto do seu desempenho, e quando te vejo em ação tenho a certeza que você gosta do que faz.

Re: 55 21 964155943

Bucetão preto 15/05/2018
Vai capiná um terreno


Tomáš rimek 26/03/2018
Ahoj Jarco ... Moc šikovná si :) zajdem někde na drink co ty na to.... Ozvučení se třeba na fb


Mark Collins 23/02/2018
Hello Linda, loved your scene with Jay Sin in Anal Acrobats. Who are your favourite male performers? Will you ever travel to US to film? Will you ever visit Australia? We have cute animals and lovely beaches!

Chère Linda

Patrick 30/01/2018
hello we are sensitive to your beauty, your kindness and we would like to share your moments of happiness or doubt.
Could you tell us if in your meetings some customers are disrespectful, violent, dirty or weird?
Let us say what is most important, or what do you like the most?
thank you for all this information that will make us better known, in the hope of feeling closer to you.

Anal or vaginal?

Cristiano 17/01/2018
Hi Linda, just wanted to know what do you preffer anal or vaginal sex?

Love your work,
Keep it up!

Re: Anal or vaginal?

aa 20/04/2018

Fan of Brazil!!

antonio 28/12/2017
Hi, Linda

Sorry if I'm using the google translator, but I'd rather not risk my poor English.
We of Brazil love sex, soccer and carnival.
I'm a fan of your work, mainly because of its beauty. you convey a purity, but prove to be super sensual, which excits any man.
Is your name Linda in language of the Czech Republic? In Portuguese, Linda means beautiful. Did you know? Did you already come to Brazil? Are there many ans in Brazil? Do you like the beach like ours, with very white sand, warm sea and sunshine every day?
Oh, we also have lots of interesting forests and cities.
Well, I wish you a great 2018 ...
Believe me, you have many fans not necessarily for your performance in the movies, but for your energy and personality.

Hope you are well

oneharleyrocker 24/12/2017
Hi Linda, or maybe I should say Ahoj :)
First, Merry Xmas to you.
Second, I am glad I found your website and am impressed about your courage after having read what you been through. Sad to read :( I am in Vienna and I think what you need is to go somewhere and relax for a while and away of all that business and expectations. Let me know. I assume you have my email, I would gladly drop you my mobile number..
all the best,


Patrick 17/11/2017
you just started your work with LP?
or is it just an old shoot?
relations have calmed down with him or you did not have too much choice?
good day Patrick


Paulo Dantas 16/11/2017
Hi sweet Linda!

Why don't you have a Instagram account?

Best wishes!


Patrick 05/11/2017
I think you find this question very indiscreet but I would like to know the reasons for your hospitalizations at the beginning of the year and last year.
is it linked to depression, an infection?
As I am a fan who would like to earn your trust (and your respect) be assured of my utmost discretion.
I could never practice your activity (even as a male fighter) and yet I am admiring your cinematographic performances.
In addition, I met you once in Paris (spring) a wonderful memory ... paralyzed by so many happiness of such a meeting.
The thought of this little hour gives me a boost in this sometimes sad life. I wanted to thank again for that, you do not even imagine that a simple little meeting can transform a man. Thanks thanks thanks.
My greatest happiness is not to meet you to enjoy your body in a carnal way, but it would be to know you happy. Your happiness would be mine.
Good luck ... and see you soon.

Re: Fan

LindaSweet 05/11/2017
Hi Patrick,

good question. My first hospitalization was maybe because bad result in Laboratory Prevedig for work test. They told that I have gonorrhoea (I tried find from who have it), but finally antibiotic, what they gave me in laboratory, doesn't works and I had more and more pain. Finally I had big cystitis and stay at hospital.

My second hospitalization was in January, after standard genecology control and it was because I had some bacteria, which starts with Cervical cancer, I was in hospital for operative removal and after often for control.

Can I know why you have this question?

Re: Re: Fan

Patrick 05/11/2017
I asked this question to get to know you better and out of concern because the professional practices you practice can bring you to meet people at risk, also after two hospitalizations close together and given the great fatigue on one of the photos, this question stirs our curiosity.
A thousand times thanks for your frank and honest answer.
See you soon, I hope.


Dagobert10 06/10/2017
Hi linda, will u also come to vienna, that we can meet for hot night ?


kensan 27/08/2017
Hi Linda, are you going to stay in Zurich for a while in the near future?

Anyway I'm looking forward to your visit in Winterthur, I will see you there! ;)


Mark Collins 27/07/2017
you must come to australia in your winter, we have great mountain bike runs


Naved Harem 23/06/2017
Why don't you do livestream. Where can I see your live shows?

Paris is still not satisfied!

Jean-Claude 08/06/2017
Hi Linda! Paris is a big city. How about keeping your next tour for your true fans only (no ad on 6a). Each time, you were fully booked! This is frustrating!

Visit Indonesia

Wahyu Ramadhan 17/05/2017
Visit to Indonesia..Indonesia is a beautiful country will the islands, culture, and other tourism places. You will not regret linda. Take a vacation to my country. greetings. Best friendship linda
Have a nice day

i love you

Moh Gunawan 21/04/2017
hi linda im fans from indonesia


Passionate_for_red_women 11/03/2017
any plans to escort in Italy soon?


Rudolf 07/03/2017
Do you have plans to come to The Nederlands in the future?

switzerland is waiting

patric 21/02/2017
hi linda! how are you?
here in switzerland we are waiting for you! ;-)

Re: switzerland is waiting

LindaSweet 22/02/2017
I know honey. I hope i can come soon.

Re: Re: switzerland is waiting

Juerg 24/02/2017
Oh Sweety I am looking forward to see you soon in Bern! Mega kiss

Re: switzerland is waiting

Bobby25 21/03/2017
What would it take for you to come visit your U.S. fans?!?!

Re: Re: switzerland is waiting

Frdd 24/02/2017
2 weeks in Bern in 1 month!!!!
Youhouhouuuuuuuuu I am so happy :-)
The best news 2017!! Thank you lovely Linda.
Looking forward to meet you again ;-)
Take care

Re: Re: switzerland is waiting

Carsten 20/03/2017
Hey Linda,
can you tell us where we can meet you in Bern???
*lots of kisses*

Re: Re: Paris is waiting

Jean-Claude 01/05/2017
Hello Linda! An authority in Bern told me that your presence was affecting the morale of his administrees wives. If they catch you, they could feed you to the bears ;o) So why don't you come to Paris again instead?

Miss you, happy Valentine

Fred 14/02/2017
Hello lovely Linda,

I just want to wish you a happy Valentine's day and all the best!
I miss you so much. Hope we will meet us soon again.
Take care sweet lady, kind regards,
Fred from Switzerland


Pirata Morado 09/02/2017
Hi Linda, just wondering if you will be doing more VR scenes in the future. Those are awesome, hope to see more VR scenes with your beautiful face (and ass) on them.

is ok?

brunosorako 31/01/2017
it's very strange that we don't see you in twitter. Everything is ok?

Escort tour

David 25/01/2017
Hello beautiful Linda !

Please include TOULOUSE in France in your escort tour 2017 !!!

We can't wait to meet you for having a good time :)


Re: Escort tour

Jose 03/02/2017
I agree +1 !!


Pirata Morado 07/01/2017
Oh Linda, you are so beautiful! So glad to see new scenes coming out. Please keep us posted of when you are getting that beautiful asshole of yours creampied again. Love you!


Jean 04/01/2017
Hi Linda and all the best with this new year. Yes good idea, please come back to Basel and Paris too!


Marc 03/01/2017
Please come back to Basel, Linda! We miss you here!

Re: Basel

zeix 16/02/2017
We really do, +1


OVERDRIVE 31/12/2016


Latinlover 26/12/2016
Please include Mallorca in your escort tour for 2017!!!


OVERDRIVE 21/12/2016
Linda I am 100% sure it is harmful to your rival!!!



Brian 20/12/2016
Looks like your Twitter account got suspended. Sorry for you. That sucks. Hope you can get it back or let us know here what new one is, please.

Re: Twitter

Mirko 20/12/2016
True, the account has been blocked since yesterday. Very very sad! But don't worry, Linda will surely come back after the block!

Re: Re: Twitter

kotzker 21/12/2016
We have to wait. Perhaps the matter will become clear. It would be bad if they deleted the Twitter account of Linda.

Nylon feet

loPATA 10/10/2016
Hi Linda,
you are realy nice, i like you very much.
Can you do some lesbian footfetish movie? I would love to see your nice feet in nylons licked by another girl <3.
Wish you all the best, enjoy your life.

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