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Meeting in Prague this summer maybe..

Oren 24/04/2018
Hello Linda, I would love to meet you in Prague in the best conditions you prefer (so you will describe what you prefer even sexually and then I manage the reservations etc) = I mean no stress, no rush, no need to arrive ''prepared'' and ready like sex athletes, just cool atmosphere...

My email is, you could tell me the name of one hotel you like and the week of the year you think is better for you maybe around JUNE 2018?..or JULY2018.. you choose the date..

I'm a quite young handsome man and I've been in the swingers and gangbang party circles since I was 21 but the fact is: I'm kind of shy (maybe that's the reason it's easier for me to fuck a girl even in front on ten people looking at my prick than to go talk to a girl looking at me while we drink coffees) ...

I know what it feels like when you're on the way to the place where you have to perform, I do it nearly every week and it's not even for money, it's for pleasure, but still, there is pressure... pressure so that each time I wonder if I'd better stop or not... ... and I don't stop... but still, the idea of stopping is there before going inside the club, that is like work-stress, work-pressure, it should not feel that way

This pressure I don't want you to feel it = I want a relax securized and conforting meeting, so you tell me in advance what you need for that, and I'll make sure you have it, I travel a lot, I look like a beach boy, surfer guy, nobody will make me wear ties, if we're gonna do that, the idea would be= let's keep it cool

Let's organise this on a sunny day

so hott

herry 24/03/2018


Thiago Benzecry Braga 12/08/2017
You must come to Manaus, Brazil!

legalporno with Gina

Mark Collins 28/06/2016
Just watched the scene with you and Gina Gerson. Just fantastic, you must come to Australia!

I love you Linda sweet

Rashawnhobson 16/06/2016
Awesomeness and I love you too

Re: I love you Linda sweet

LittleFish 04/07/2017
It's good


Juerg 18/04/2016
I am looking forward to new videos like that. The way you move, the way you show your beautiful body makes me horny like hell. You prouve you skills as an actress. Love Juerg

Re: Video

mrrandavu 26/11/2017
wow, hot hot hot.....


Josue 09/02/2016


Josue 08/02/2016
Saludos desde México. Me encantas.

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