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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet

Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

Karel1994 27/01/2016
Exactly! And I'm gypsy, so it's even worst.
Btw, the move of those koreans was not loyal, i can't imagine how horny they were with linda there. And she thinking that the photoshooting was real. Is like the movie Lord of War, but less romantic and with asians.
you take this?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

MN 27/01/2016
Karel, you is not going to help. Choose another forum for your really stupid comments. If you can not respect what she does, then delete Linda out of your life. This really is a well-intentioned advice from me.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

Karel1994 28/01/2016
''Look, i could not found a modeling job Linda, but there is two men for escort job, you take this?'' That's funny!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

MN 28/01/2016
Karel, it is totally useless to give you some good advice. Delete Linda out of your life. She has no interest for you and never will be interested for you. You're a silly boy, I'm sorry to have to tell you that.

Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

Brian 29/01/2016
Nah, Karel should just kill himself and save the rest of the world from having to deal with adolescent bullshit.

Karel, please kill yourself.

I'm sure a cheap, bitch-ass gypsy like you can get your hands on a gun. It's quick and painless.

Just don't be more of a fucktard than you already are and miss you stupid sack of shit.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

Karel1994 29/01/2016
you take this? Take it! Come on. Take the money of those lil' dicked asians. Why not? wtf are the asians not humans? what? their money doesn't value?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

Visha 29/01/2016
Don't feed the troll, man.


LindaSweet 30/01/2016
No sorry it is not nice from you :/


Jirka 21/01/2016
I was found What i was looking for = YOU ..... Kisses my sweetie and thanks a lot love you

Meeting with you

Hans Berger 15/01/2016
Hallo dear Linda Sweet,

Thank you for adding me to your website.
I like it and I like you.
I want to meet you in Studio Neverland.
You are a dream girl...
I enjoy the idea to meet you in a few days.
Sincerly Yours

Re: Meeting with you

Karel1994 17/01/2016
Good luck Hans! I hope you be the first guy of the day, and no the tenth guy with Linda. Cross your fingers.

Re: Re: Meeting with you

Darius 17/01/2016
LOL, 'Karel', you are STILL posting this shit? No point in asking you to get a life as your last post proved you are actually insane.

Re: Re: Re: Meeting with you

Karel1994 18/01/2016
I just comment a dream brah.

Re: Re: Meeting with you

MN 17/01/2016
You are really crazy. Your postings are absolutely meaningless.

Re: Re: Meeting with you

Brian 18/01/2016
You're a fucking douchebag.

What the fuck did Linda do to you?

Go crawl back under the bridge came from you fucking piece of shit troll.

People like you is why women hate men.

You're just a sad pathetic little dicked boy who can't get the attention he wants from Linda so instead you choose to come to her site and post sadistic psychotic shit posts.

Re: Re: Re: Meeting with you

Karel1994 19/01/2016
´´why women hate men.´´
If you´re fucked for 10 strangers every day by two weeks(usually old bald guys smelling like shit, and trying to cum with your holes, and you are just praying for a fast cum) THAT! make that some women hate men.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Meeting with you

MN 19/01/2016
You should be ashamed of your comments. If you do not like what makes Linda, then search out another website for your useless comments and "dreams". True fans respect Lindas life and work and do not write such nonsense. It is Linda's life and not yours.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Meeting with you

Brian 21/01/2016
You are a sad pathetic little dicked faggot.

I pity you, really, I do.

That you get off on debasing beautiful women is pathetic.

You must not have been breastfed as a baby.

You're nothing more than a cheap, bitch-ass gypsy.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Meeting with you

Karel1994 21/01/2016
You're right, I was raised by wolves. And I'm gypsy. omg

I had a dream

Karel1994 13/01/2016
Linda, i had this dream today and a wanna write it for you. In the dream you come to my city for one of your escort tours, and i found the hotel where you´re, I wait till you show up in the street(in the afternoon!), following you to a lonely street, and there I simply attacked you, giving you the beatdown of your life(I guess), you just stay unconscous in the floor. That's weird and funny isn't?

Re: I had a dream

MN 13/01/2016
OMG, no, that's not funny, that's crazy.


Jirka 12/01/2016
Thanks for adding me to your Webseite. I love you and your work. Thanks

just asking

yuda lisado 11/01/2016
Umm linda,, are you like asian men?


Karel1994 21/12/2015
Linda Are you out of porn biz? When was your last shooting? Thanks!

Re: Out

LindaSweet 10/01/2016
I still shoot. Don't worry :)


Pendu 09/12/2015
Hi Linda

Where you at in swiss ?


oriontt10 29/11/2015
Hello Linda,i'm from the Greece from Thessaloniki town center.i would ask you
something about the website[GynoX.com].
because I had seen you in one of the videos of this site in the past.This clinical in whο CZECH REPUBLIC town is located.Answer me please.Thanks.

Re: free

LindaSweet 10/01/2016
Im sure that this was in Prague


Nick 26/11/2015
Thank you for adding me in your Website! Make you a Tour in Germany or Austria?


oriontt10 22/11/2015

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