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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet

Just wanna ...

Zeke 02/02/2015
Hi Linda :)
Just wanna say that i luv your works.
You're cute but very wild in bed :)
So hope to see more of you :)
Btw have you ever considered to do skype session for your fans? :)


Max 01/02/2015
Would you do escort for 10000€?

Re: Hi

Linda Sweet 01/02/2015
I dont do escort. Sorry


Joko82 31/01/2015
Hey Linda, is there a possibility to book you for one night. I am living in Vienna, so not far from you ;)

Re: Meet

Linda Sweet 31/01/2015
Sorry, i dont do escort :)

i am your fan

Diego 25/01/2015
Greetings fron México!! Te esperamos en la proxima Exposex en nuestro país ;)

Golden rain

DJ 24/01/2015
Hello, what do u think that men pee in your mouth, do you like it?

Re: Golden rain

ElieArchontis 25/01/2015
I definitely think men should also drink her pee
I certainely would so much drink it all I would not mind being filmed doing it
I would so much french kiss your ass then give you a serious ass sucking while my tongue is deep inside your Holy hole : lips sucking the rim (mouth to mouth - what is known as french kiss)

Re: Re: Golden rain

DJ 27/01/2015
Love it, i want to try :P


John 22/01/2015
What do you think about condoms in porn? Do you prefer to perform with or without them?

Re: Question

Linda Sweet 23/01/2015
Hi, I think that condoms are better. STDs are common in porn and now more

iceman90 19/01/2015
Greetings Linda. With how many guys u had sex in your whole life?


Linda Sweet 22/01/2015
No comment

Re: Re:

Toni 04/02/2015

Jack 18/01/2015
What do you think about Bukkake? Do you like cum on your face?

I love you !

jc78 11/01/2015
I like anal sex and you are the queen of anal sex. I want to meet you

happy new year hmm

yohom 04/01/2015
Me hmmm

Future plans

Richard 04/01/2015
Hi Linda, what are your 2015 plans? And is the website going to grow, are you going to do exclusive content for the website? By the way, you are beautiful and my favorite european porn star.

Geri 02/01/2015
this upon was a great movie-scene from you. hope to see a lot more in the future and all the best for 2015. Nice website you have now.

Joseph 01/01/2015
I loved it ! your page is Awesome! i like to be your fan!

Lautaro 01/01/2015
Hola Linda, ¿At what age did you have anal sex First Time?. Saludos desde Argentina!


Linda Sweet 01/01/2015
The first time at the age of eighteen.

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Information about me:
Birth: 8.11.93 Scorpion
Age: 23
height: 170 cm 
Weight: 60 kg 
Measures: 85/67/90 
Hair color: Red
Eyes color: Blue 


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