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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet


DJ 03/02/2015
Do u like mens cum? where?

New film.

Dre 03/02/2015
How long does it take for a film to be released after shooting it?

Re: New film.

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
I dont know


Dre 03/02/2015
Do you enjoy piss more now?

Re: Info

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
I hate Piss :D

Re: Re: Info

Dre 03/02/2015
You should piss more on the guys for payback! Make them drink yours.

Re: Re: Re: Info

jona 04/02/2015

Re: Re: Re: Info

Linda Sweet 04/02/2015
Good idea :P


Marco 03/02/2015
Hi Linda,
Could you be interesse s in a shoot ing. In Milan?

Re: Shooting

Marco 03/02/2015
Sorry, colud be interested in a shooting in Italy

Re: Re: Shooting

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
Can you write me email. Please?

Re: Re: Re: Shooting

Marco 04/02/2015

new video

MICHAEL 03/02/2015
Love all your video when does new scene on legal porno will be updated?
will there be triple anal? piss drinking?
go on honey you make me dream

Re: new video

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
Hi, so my second video is only TAP not piss, nothing more. :)

Re: Re: new video

Plamen 04/02/2015
"Only TAP" sounds so modest like doing TAP is nothing :) I'm amazed how such slender girl can do this.

Re: Re: new video

GapeFan 12/02/2015
I don't like piss either :D

Can't wait to see your TAP, and all the DAP too! :)))

Thanks Linda!!! :))


cro guy 02/02/2015
Nice work Linda, i love you....kiss

Just wanna ...

Zeke 02/02/2015
Hi Linda :)
Just wanna say that i luv your works.
You're cute but very wild in bed :)
So hope to see more of you :)
Btw have you ever considered to do skype session for your fans? :)


Max 01/02/2015
Would you do escort for 10000€?

Re: Hi

Linda Sweet 01/02/2015
I dont do escort. Sorry


Joko82 31/01/2015
Hey Linda, is there a possibility to book you for one night. I am living in Vienna, so not far from you ;)

Re: Meet

Linda Sweet 31/01/2015
Sorry, i dont do escort :)

i am your fan

Diego 25/01/2015
Greetings fron México!! Te esperamos en la proxima Exposex en nuestro país ;)

Golden rain

DJ 24/01/2015
Hello, what do u think that men pee in your mouth, do you like it?

Re: Golden rain

ElieArchontis 25/01/2015
I definitely think men should also drink her pee
I certainely would so much drink it all I would not mind being filmed doing it
I would so much french kiss your ass then give you a serious ass sucking while my tongue is deep inside your Holy hole : lips sucking the rim (mouth to mouth - what is known as french kiss)

Re: Re: Golden rain

DJ 27/01/2015
Love it, i want to try :P


John 22/01/2015
What do you think about condoms in porn? Do you prefer to perform with or without them?

Re: Question

Linda Sweet 23/01/2015
Hi, I think that condoms are better. STDs are common in porn and now more

iceman90 19/01/2015
Greetings Linda. With how many guys u had sex in your whole life?


Linda Sweet 22/01/2015
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Birth: 8.11.93 Scorpion
Age: 23
height: 170 cm 
Weight: 60 kg 
Measures: 85/67/90 
Hair color: Red
Eyes color: Blue 


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