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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet

Re: Re: Just wanna know you better ;)

Luv you, Linda! XD 14/02/2015
Thank you, yes you got my questions correctly.. and thank you for the answers. you are very sweet and kind :) Wish you a great success Linda, and happy valentine :)


Dre 05/02/2015
Favorite male to perform with?

Re: Info

Linda Sweet 05/02/2015
I dont know. I like everybody

Re: Re: Info

Dre 05/02/2015
I want to see you go 1 on 1 with nacho vidal. You should request that?

Re: Re: Re: Info

Linda Sweet 14/02/2015
I have one scene with Nacho and Ian S. for LegalPorno

Re: Re: Re: Re: Info

Info 14/02/2015
The 4 vs 4 where you got cake faced in the end?


Toni 04/02/2015
Are you professional or nympho ? or both ? :D

Re: question

Linda Sweet 05/02/2015
I hope professional, hihi :D

Re: Re: question

Toni 08/02/2015
you don't have to be ashamed being both ;) Thats why we love watching you, because there is something true in your naughtyness :D


joe 04/02/2015
Hey linda! You are so great! Do you love whipped cream in your ass? Greetz joe

Re: man

Linda Sweet 05/02/2015
Cream in ass is funny, but not for loving

Huge Fan

plamen 04/02/2015
I'm huge fan. You're so beautiful and natural. Can't wait to see more of you(specially the second tap scene)

Also I'm developer so if you need help with the site or anything like that I'll be happy to help


Linda_fan 04/02/2015
Do you plan on putting all of your video names here? You are the best!


DJ 03/02/2015
Do u like mens cum? where?

New film.

Dre 03/02/2015
How long does it take for a film to be released after shooting it?

Re: New film.

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
I dont know


Dre 03/02/2015
Do you enjoy piss more now?

Re: Info

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
I hate Piss :D

Re: Re: Info

Dre 03/02/2015
You should piss more on the guys for payback! Make them drink yours.

Re: Re: Re: Info

jona 04/02/2015

Re: Re: Re: Info

Linda Sweet 04/02/2015
Good idea :P


Marco 03/02/2015
Hi Linda,
Could you be interesse s in a shoot ing. In Milan?

Re: Shooting

Marco 03/02/2015
Sorry, colud be interested in a shooting in Italy

Re: Re: Shooting

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
Can you write me email. Please?

Re: Re: Re: Shooting

Marco 04/02/2015

new video

MICHAEL 03/02/2015
Love all your video when does new scene on legal porno will be updated?
will there be triple anal? piss drinking?
go on honey you make me dream

Re: new video

Linda Sweet 03/02/2015
Hi, so my second video is only TAP not piss, nothing more. :)

Re: Re: new video

Plamen 04/02/2015
"Only TAP" sounds so modest like doing TAP is nothing :) I'm amazed how such slender girl can do this.

Re: Re: new video

GapeFan 12/02/2015
I don't like piss either :D

Can't wait to see your TAP, and all the DAP too! :)))

Thanks Linda!!! :))


cro guy 02/02/2015
Nice work Linda, i love you....kiss

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Age: 23
height: 170 cm 
Weight: 60 kg 
Measures: 85/67/90 
Hair color: Red
Eyes color: Blue 


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