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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet


Latinlover 26/12/2016
Please include Mallorca in your escort tour for 2017!!!


OVERDRIVE 21/12/2016
Linda I am 100% sure it is harmful to your rival!!!



Brian 20/12/2016
Looks like your Twitter account got suspended. Sorry for you. That sucks. Hope you can get it back or let us know here what new one is, please.

Re: Twitter

Mirko 20/12/2016
True, the account has been blocked since yesterday. Very very sad! But don't worry, Linda will surely come back after the block!

Re: Re: Twitter

kotzker 21/12/2016
We have to wait. Perhaps the matter will become clear. It would be bad if they deleted the Twitter account of Linda.

Nylon feet

loPATA 10/10/2016
Hi Linda,
you are realy nice, i like you very much.
Can you do some lesbian footfetish movie? I would love to see your nice feet in nylons licked by another girl <3.
Wish you all the best, enjoy your life.

like you

jahoo76 20/08/2016
like you


Juerg 16/08/2016
I love your pictures, I love your work and I love you!!!

Love you

Pedro 05/07/2016
Hello I'm from Brazil and I love you and your work, love redhead especially you !!! When it comes to the visit Brazil?


Timmy 11/06/2016
Hi Linda,
When will you be back travelling Europe again? I hope I have not missed my opportunity to be with you.

twitter pic

Marco 22/05/2016
Linda hello!
Ive seen a pic on you twitter profile datin back to april...have u a pierced clit now?

Re: twitter pic

Marco 19/07/2016
Yes, you have done it...need to meet ya to give a deserved cunnilinguus... ;)

So lovely lady

Fred 07/05/2016
Yesterday I was the luckiest man in the world...
I met Linda and it was the best encounter of my life. Will never forget this perfect time.
She is really sweet and nice and so so beautiful.
Thank you so much Linda, hope to see you soon again.
Have a good rest home and stay in warm ;)
Take care

Re: So lovely lady

Zbinden 14/11/2016
Lovely Linda,
I am glad that you will come back soon to Bern. I am looking forward to see you again :)
It is always a great pleasure to be with you ;)
Take care, see you soon

Your videos

God 04/05/2016
Is it odd that I like to watch your videos while listening to recitations of when Moses parted the Red Sea. For some reason I just find it fitting... ; )

Thanks for the Add

Thormike 30/04/2016
Thank you so much for the add Linda. Love your work, and look forward to many more episodes in the future!

If ever in Australia drop in and say Hi



Eric 11/04/2016
I find it interesting reading a lot of these comments, and seeing the ideas that crop up in peoples' minds. Of course ideas are not dangerous unless they find a place to rest MORE profound than the human mind. Words like "love" and "money" are being thrown around as if they were as arbitrary as a westward wind. It's easy for one to forget that when you come to love, you're also coming to the end of your own existence. And when you come to money, your current existence, whatever it might be, is now shattered, and something created anew. In either case, we see these ideas and feelings have all cropped up due to a dangerous brewing of inner disquietude. And inside, when such feelings permeate, one ends up attacking that which is easy. Unfortunately for Linda, it is almost always the "wrong animal" being attacked. It seems Lucretius is not as far away as it may seem on the teleological path. Because even those who do not lead down such paths (such as myself) are in the end steered that way by those that are... Food for thought.


José León Carranza 31/03/2016
You are a woman with a really awesome beauty.

Besos desde España


Furmicheck 27/03/2016
This is one of my many questions: Are you planning a trip to Hungary? For work or visit or something... I like you! Cause you are simply beauty, without make up and lipstick or something. Greetings from Hungary!

New clip

alex 15/02/2016
Hi, Linda
When is your next clip coming out?


oscar 08/02/2016
I spossible to meet u, ??

Re: meeting

oscar 08/02/2016
U are an amazing girl
I am crazy of U..
sweet and so hot
great actress.

Simple question

kotzker 06/02/2016
Hey, Linda. Your every fan knows that you are a star. You worked hard to become popular. As a fan of your personality, I wanted me to know that attribute (ability) you think is the most important in-your career.


Pirata Morado 28/01/2016
Linda, just wanted to let you know how beautiful you are. Of course you already know that. Any man who meets you must tell you that a hundred times. I hope that the men you meet will make you feel the most beautiful girl in the world, because you are.


Karel1994 27/01/2016
After all the bullshit of your ''fashion photoshootings'' in korea. And all those asians that in your first trip they had not the balls for offer you money for sex, and they finally did it in the last trip (you take this?). Please Linda, answer the question of that demanding user: LINDA, DO YOU LIKE ASIAN MEN?


Darius 27/01/2016
She doesn't want to talk to you, get over it. She's not interested in you, get over it. She's never going to have sex with you, get over it. You don't exist. You're nobody. You don't even qualify as insignificant. You need psychiatric help but, even after that, you'll still be nobody and you'll never be able to change that.


Karel1994 27/01/2016
but that asian guy want to know, i just wanna help


Darius 27/01/2016
A bit of advice for you, Karel. I know it's sad when you don't have any friends and no-one likes you but the way to overcome that is not to become even more actively unpleasant. If you tried to be a bit nicer to people, you might one day have a job, make friends, maybe even meet a girl - like normal people do. I know your mental problems make it difficult for you - what do you suffer from, some form of autism? - but don't give up on life completely because you're just going to be alone and miserable for the rest of your life that way.

Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

Karel1994 27/01/2016
Exactly! And I'm gypsy, so it's even worst.
Btw, the move of those koreans was not loyal, i can't imagine how horny they were with linda there. And she thinking that the photoshooting was real. Is like the movie Lord of War, but less romantic and with asians.
you take this?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: YOU TAKE THIS?

MN 27/01/2016
Karel, you is not going to help. Choose another forum for your really stupid comments. If you can not respect what she does, then delete Linda out of your life. This really is a well-intentioned advice from me.

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