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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet

Re: Re: I´m sorry , I need help

LindaSweet 19/06/2015
And you think that i will answer for escorting, for your bad things?? No

I´m sorry, I need help

Eissalis 19/06/2015
I just wanna say to Linda that i was making all this dozens posts of different names.I don´t know why, I´m pathetic, maybe Linda ignored me in my first posts and this was some kind of revenge.
I´m sorry Linda.Now I´ll just gonna be Eissalis.

I´m sorry , I need help.

Eissalis 19/06/2015
I just wanna say to Linda that i was making all this dozens posts of different names. I don´t know why, I´m pathetic, maybe Linda ignored me in my first posts and this was some kind of revenge.
I´m sorry Linda. Now I´ll just gonna be Eissalis.

Work! Work! Work!

Seol Ki Yeon 18/06/2015
Hi Linda, I am korean guy(65 y.o), Now i´v4e discovered you make escort with grandpas, so if you back to korea we can have a meetting. Maybe i can go too Prague and see you there.Pavla told me that is possible.See you soon.

Re: Work! Work! Work!

Eissalis 18/06/2015
In case anyone hadn't guessed by now, these are all the same person: Seol Ki Yeon, the Korean grandpa (lol); 'Andrew'; Juha Zekkinen, the Helsinki brothel manager; 'Ashley'; 'Charlie'; 'Artyom'; 'Richard'; Miroslav Blazek ('Linda's uncle'). Possibly there are others but these are definite, I won't reveal how I know for sure but I do.

This same person has admitted in an earlier post to also posting under the following names: Richard (again!), Stephane, Janos, Mihalik, Francoise, Heinz and teddy. So, obviously a person with mental health problems.

I´m sorry, I need help.

Eissalis 19/06/2015
I just wanna say to Linda that i was making all this dozens posts of different names. I don´t know why, I´m pathetic, maybe Linda ignored me in my first posts and this was some kind of revenge.
I´m sorry Linda.Now I´ll just gonna be Eissalis.

Thanks for fan video

JJ from CZ 15/06/2015
Hi, thank you for video for fans you and Timea are great, I want to have Linda at least for hour. Anyway its nice way how to thanks for fans.

Have a nice day

come to italy!!!

erikio 15/06/2015
soon! we love ya

Re: come to italy!!!

coso 16/06/2015
yes... when do you will go there?

Hello Linda!

Jose 15/06/2015
This could be a bit dumb, but I like to see more pics of you clothed wearing luxury lingerie and bras not always HC.Kisses


orto 14/06/2015
how can your anus be so big?

Re: anus

josh 20/06/2015
What are expecting after taking 3 cocks in the ass at same time !! That bitch is fucked up so bad

minor comment

Karl 14/06/2015
Hi Linda, not to criticize or anything but, have you gained weight recently? you look barely not so slim in your last picture posted here. Take care and good luck in your career. Greetings from Germany!

Re: minor comment

Andrew 15/06/2015
Timea said that she´s drinking too much while doing escort(lives drunk).So that´s why she´s getting lil bit chubby.

Re: Re: minor comment

Eissalis 15/06/2015
Timea told you that, did she? She's a friend of yours?

Re: Re: minor comment

LindaSweet 16/06/2015
Sorry? Time told that i drink alcohol often? WTF? She is bigger alcoholic than me!

Re: Re: Re: minor comment

lindaSweet 16/06/2015
She told every timethat she want go to disco and i told every time i go home.

Re: Re: Re: Re: minor comment

Ricardo 17/06/2015
you dont have to give explanations. everyone is free to do (or drink) what he or she wants.
not does it matter, but I met Linda and she doesn't look the drinking type :)
enjoy the midsummer!!


Petr1 14/06/2015
Maminka musí být hrdá na to, kam jsi to až dotáhla...Žádná osobní hrdost ani sebeúcta.

Re: Linda

LindaSweet 16/06/2015
Maminka je na mě hrdá, narozdíl od vás ostatních jsem alespoň něco dokázala a nedřepím jako většina v tescu nebo ve fabrice a neošukávám mistry, abych si vůbec udržela práci (to je humus)... Tak si všímej laskavě svého a mě nech dělat, co mě baví

Re: Re: Linda

Petr1 18/06/2015
Ty se chceš ještě více znemožnit? Nedokázala jsi vůbec nic. Nemusím dřepět v tescu ani ve fabrice, tohle nemám zapotřebí. Pokud tě baví polykat semeno a moč, tak v tom klidně pokračuj.

Re: Re: Re: Linda

Linda Sweet 22/06/2015
Jaký znemožnění? Co ti jebe? Když ti to tak vadí, tak proč jsi na tuhle stránku vůbec lezl? Proč vůbec na to porno čumíš? Musíš být nějaký tlustý zakomplexovaný idiot, protože tohle normální lidi nedělají.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Linda

Petr1 23/06/2015
Proč tolik slovní agrese Jarko? Stačí lépe číst. Napsal jsem, že pokud tě baví polykat semeno a moč, tak v tom pokračuj. Nic proti. Je to tvá věc. Nejsem tlustý ani zakomplexovaný. Děvče dokážeš mě rozesmát. Ty něco piš o normálnosti. Normální lidi porno netočí, neboť mají osobní hrdost. Ano, ty ses naprosto znemožnila. Prý jsi něco dokázala..... :-)))))

Re: Re: Re: Linda

Darmody 22/06/2015
Zakomplexovaný idiot co sedí půlku dne v hospodě a stěžuje si, že nemá peníze :-).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Linda

Petr1 23/06/2015
Darmody, to mluvíš o sobě?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Linda

LindaSweet 23/06/2015
Bože, ano baví mě to, kdyby mě to nebavilo, tak to nedělám. Nejsem chudinka, která nemá jinou možnost, jako jiné holky. Já to dělám pro zábavu a proto, že mám ráda sex a ráda se o to podělím s ostatníma. Dokud mě budou mít lidi rádi, tak to budu dělat do zedření kostí.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Linda

Darmody 24/06/2015
Já nejsem ten, co se chová jak kokot a schovává se za anonymitu, evidentně si léčíš nějakej komplex :-D. Škoda, že tu nemá nikoho, kdo by příspěvky od retardů jako si ty, promazal.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Linda

LindaSweet 24/06/2015
Můžu vymazat cokoliv, ale nemám k tomu důvod. Beru to, že jsou dobrý i špatný lidi. Nedá se svítit :)


Petr1 26/06/2015
Komplex si léčíš jen ty sám primitive, jelikož jsi mne bezdůvodně slovně napadl. Retardovaný kokot jsi proto jen ty. Financí mám dost a nemám zapotřebí celé dny sedět v hospodě.
Evidentně máš nízké IQ, neboť jsi nepochopil, že mé komentáře na slečnu Pavlíkovou nebyly odsuzující ani kritické.

Finland is waiting for you!

Juha Zekkinen 14/06/2015
Hi Linda! I´m the manager from the brothel in Helsinki, I just want to tell you that we scheduled for you 10 clients for the first three days.
By the way, i hope you have not problem of work with old men, because half of clients are +60.See you in august.

Re: Finland is waiting for you!

Ashley 14/06/2015
OMG! Is that real Linda? escort in Finland with grandpas? Is really sad.I´m redhead too and follow you because you´re so pretty,sexy, wild and sweet at the same time.
I know you said that 80% of porn girls do it, but is frustrating to know that things. :(

Re: Re: Finland is waiting for you!

Eissalis 14/06/2015
No it's not real it's just internet weirdos and trolls. LOL 'Juha Zekkinen', this person is so stupid they don't even realise there's no way 'Zekkinen' could be a name in Finnish. Probably the same stupid sick person who posted about Linda committing suicide but got her name and date of birth wrong. Thankfully Linda doesn't seem to take these idiots (probably the same idiot) seriously and laughs at them, which is the best way. Too many crazy people in the world.

Re: Re: Re: Finland is waiting for you!

Ricardo 14/06/2015
indeed, that is not a finnish name. plus... Linda does not work in a brothel in finland.
and for that weirdo just one thing: Zuper Ztupid!

O Canada

Steve 12/06/2015
Please come to the Sundowner strip club in Ontario, Canada!

Spain advice

Arthur 11/06/2015
Linda, in Ibiza you may be tempted to work with Torbe (putalocura), please don't. you will lose lots of fans if you do, that guy is disgusting and extremely ugly!

Re: Spain advice

LindaSweet 12/06/2015
I will work there with just WowGirls, but thank you for warning :)


wondering.. 11/06/2015
did you lose your virginity to publicagent on camera?

Re: virginity

Jelinek 11/06/2015
Don´t ask this, believe me, you don´t wanna know the truth about it.hovno

Re: virginity

LindaSweet 12/06/2015
Can i ask? You believe this video?

Re: Re: virginity

Jelinek 12/06/2015
yeah that video is real.

Re: Re: Re: virginity

LindaSweet 12/06/2015
Hehe, i don't know. Maybe is real maybe isn't real

Re: Re: Re: Re: virginity

wonderin.. 15/06/2015
At least you're making money on it now... honestly, i mean you're traveling and having fun... otherwise you might have had some lame job... I hope your family is ok with it..
try and save some money for when porn is no longer an option :|

Re: Re: virginity

wondering.. 15/06/2015
I definitely believe it. You look incredibly uncomfortable and he was extremely manipulative


Charlie 10/06/2015
Damn!!! i was not wrong! that sucks.
You need to be ready for lots of this shit.Shy chinese(koreans) aren´t so dangerous.But in europe is other story, specifically in germany.

Re: Run!!!

Artyom 10/06/2015
Linda be carefull in finland , the russians kill and kidnapp lot of escorts there and cross the frontier immediatly.Who´s manage you? what´s next? Bagdad?

Re: Re: Run!!!

Linda Sweet 10/06/2015
Who manage me? Me :)

Re: Re: Re: Run!!!

Charlie 11/06/2015
Just yourself? That explain lots of things.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Run!!!

Ricardo 11/06/2015
welcome to Finland!! :)

Re: Re: Re: Run!!!

Max 14/06/2015
Italy ?

Re: Re: Run!!!

Magoo 16/06/2015
Ha,ha,ha :)
American idiot, no one else would not have invented !
Russia - thousands of beautiful and shapely women !
US - hundreds of thousands of fat whales.

Powodzenia Linda :), pozdrowienia z sąsiedniej Polski.

I am sorry 4 u

josh 10/06/2015
I feel sorry for u . I really feel angry and shame when I see all these ugly people fucking you. Cant u feel shame ?? Have u ever thought of family and husband and kids ???? I feel so bad when I see a beautiful angel like u ruined by ugly ppl . Please stop please stoppppp

Re: I am sorry 4 u

Carl 10/06/2015
If you don't like it, why do you watch it? Are you some sort of hypocrite? Are you two people? One a porn lover, the other one a self-hating puritan? Which one will you be in the end?

You need to take a look inside yourself before you start judging other people, man. Get real about yourself!

The one everyone should feel sorry for is you. You are really mentally disturbed and you need help. Get some.

Re: Re: I am sorry 4 u

josh 20/06/2015
Haha . U are wrong my freind . I was wondering is she going to have a family ?? If not then what is the point to live ? I believe the normal life is when u have a wife and kids that carry your chromosome and all the genetic info . Otherwise . Living worthless !

Re: Re: Re: I am sorry 4 u

Visha 21/06/2015
You're worthless, you moron.

Escape from Korea

Craig B 10/06/2015

Re: Escape from Korea

Charlie 10/06/2015
Why? Are you serious? Do you think those chinese want to make fashion photos? In her first trip they had not balls for try.This time they try to fuck her(their only objetive).She refuses and escape.

Re: Re: Escape from Korea

Eissalis 10/06/2015
Not you again. You're obsessed!

Re: Re: Re: Escape from Korea

Charlie 10/06/2015
You check this site often than me.You´re in love.

Re: Escape from Korea

LindaSweet 10/06/2015
Why? Because Korean manager is idiot!!!! I was there before and everything was good, but now not... We wrote before one mouth, i told him that i want have work from first day, when i come. Because i know when you go there, so you must wait for work, because he find work when you come... So told him i want really work, i changed for this date fly from 20.5. for 28.5.... SO i come 28.5. and i had just one photoshoot for 200Euro?!!!!! WTF?!!! I was angry, because he promised me that he will find work before, but he funded work after??? Sorry but this is really stupid. But he is really idiot, because one day i wrote him, i don't want make escort there, and he second day wrote "i have 2men for escort, you take this?!", this is dementia. So you can now see which man is this

Re: Re: Escape from Korea

Charlie 10/06/2015
Damn!!! i was not wrong! that sucks

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