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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet

Re: Re: time

Matti 09/08/2015
WOW, quite a long time. Respect!


MUTTLANG 08/08/2015


LindaSweet 08/08/2015
Never! I love DAP!!!


stef 08/08/2015
:-) and we love your DAP!!


Matti 09/08/2015
Thats true! If you watch those DAP scenes, you can see the passion and enjoynment from your face. Hope there will be lots of new DAP and TAP scenes!


sergio andrade 04/08/2015
She is the sky, She is the beauty, She is an angel, Like the music of Elvis Costello She...
She is the one, she is the true.

Love Kisses my red hair angel

The rest of the life

Alberto 04/08/2015
Linda, do you have planned to go ´´on tours´´ for the rest of your life? :(

Re: The rest of the life

LindaSweet 04/08/2015
I dont think. Why?


kamel 03/08/2015
Wait for you to respond quickly


kamel 03/08/2015
How can I follow new movies through alot because legalporno.com it is very short(1minuts)

Re: cc

LindaSweet 04/08/2015
On LegalPorn you must make registry and than send money for tickets, no? Or wait for time when are movies free on others websites :)


kamel 03/08/2015
hellow linda


mido mido 28/07/2015

Beautiful aohab aushahd ante that Fido webaz photo
I love be with you in HD to

nice boobs

paulus 27/07/2015
hello linda

im huge fans of you , im from indonesia , you know indonesia ?

thanks for your great videos !

im really love your slim body and your nice boobs , its very propotional .
like my dream girl what i want !
your face nice too , melankolis like my exgf. hihi

im really want to touch your boobs .
do you want to come indonesia ? bali island ?

please reply linda .

Re: nice boobs

LindaSweet 29/07/2015
Hallo, thank you for compliments.
I know Indonesia form maps, haha, but i dont know if i want visit Indonesia. We will see in future

10 on 1?

Cam 20/07/2015
Hi Linda. Looks like you had a great time in Morocco.

So you and Timea are both planning on doing a 10 on 1 for LP? I know Timea has done gangbangs before but have you? I guess it will be your most challenging scene yet, but you certainly have the talent to make it a great success.

BTW, they still haven't released your pirate TAP scene so it might be years before your gangbang is available!

Re: 10 on 1?

Visha 21/07/2015
There's a lot of Linda's scenes not released by LegalPorno yet, a lot to look forward to! My own opinion in the 10 on 1 is that if Linda wants to do it, she should do it, but if she's not sure about it she shouldn't do it. There should be no pressure on Linda from her 'fans', it's entirely her choice.

Personally, I don't really like watching a bunch of guys standing around rubbing their dicks waiting for their turn, it's all a bit gay, if you ask me. They all get in the way of the person who matters in the scene: the girl. Also I'm not sure there are 10 guys working at LP who are up to the job!


sergio andrade 18/07/2015
When I look to Linda I see a star, the most beautiful star in heaven. She is gorgeous. Is she real or for another planet? Love Kisses


yves 18/07/2015
salut linda where are you in swiss..

Hey Linda

Visha 15/07/2015
Enjoy the vacation with Timea, I love that you two are such good friends, everyone needs a friend like that and I hope that you two sweet girls will always be friends <3 <3 <3

Re: Hey Linda

LindaSweet 17/07/2015
Thank you, and don't worry we enjoy every minute here :)

Re: Re: Hey Linda

stelletta 17/07/2015
Come on, hardly wait. We want to see how much you both tanned in the sun.

Mary Jane

Alberto 08/07/2015
Linda do you still smoking weed?

Re: Mary Jane

LindaSweet 08/07/2015
No!! I don't smoke weed!

Re: Re: Mary Jane

Visha 08/07/2015
LOL! I see you've just shot a scene with Lola, awesome!


Dspizter 11/07/2015
Linda why you love anal?

Re: LindaSweet

LindaSweet 12/07/2015
Its hard explain this :)

Cool chick

3slutfan 06/07/2015
Keep doing YOU. Much love from USA!

Gorgeous Linda :)

Chucka_p 06/07/2015
Hey Linda I absolutely love your stuff and am a huge fan. I just wish we could see more of you. Have you ever thought about doing some adult webcam shows?
Anyway good luck in the future and keep up the good work.

Hi Linda !!!

barnabas 05/07/2015
Hi Linda I am a crazy fan of you, especialy of ur pee scenes. Would there appeare any new of them in the future ?

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