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My name is Linda. I started with porn in June 2013 and my first movie was with LegalPorno (publiced in August 2013). From this time i find out that i like this job. And i hope that you like my work also.
I'm available also for escort service in Europe.
On the website you can see a personal or professional photos and links to videos with me. 
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Linda Sweet

Re: Re: Re: nice

Visha 06/09/2015
That's why the site has a New Scenes section! ;)

cock size

iceman90 25/08/2015
Is cock size important in your private life?


Latinlover 23/08/2015
Linda, have you ever visit Mallorca?


Brian 22/08/2015
You have many many fans in the US. Do you ever plan to tour the US? Is because of VISA you do not come?

Thank you for your work. You are one of my favorite women to watch. So beautiful, sexy, sweet and innocent looking but do so many kinky things.

Cheers. :)

Re: Tours

Marek 23/08/2015
Go to USA is difficult for czechs, few friends were deported because TAX problems, and not allowed to back (forever).

Re: Tours

LindaSweet 26/08/2015
Hey, im sorry, but im so scared go to USA. Really :)

Re: Re: Tours

Visha 26/08/2015
LOL, why are you scared, babe?

Re: Re: Tours

Marek 27/08/2015
Just must to be completely legal, pay every TAX, and enjoy. If you gonna shoot, Visa of work. Do it when you still have energy.

Re: Re: Tours

Brian 29/08/2015
Oh sweet girl no need to be scared.

You just need a good person to be your guide while you are here.

We really are nice people here. :)

I do hope someday you decide to come visit our country.

Cheers. :)

Re: Re: Re: Tours

LindaSweet 03/09/2015
BUT!!!! Yesterday i spoke with my agent, and she told that one actor want maybe me to America and he csn be there like agent for me. I told her that can on December. So i will see, how will this :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tours

xavier 04/09/2015
Mike A?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tours

Brian 04/09/2015

Maybe you can a few tour dates while here also. ;)

Good luck!

You will like California. :)

scény dotaz

thomasos77 22/08/2015
Zdravím Lindo,
měl bych menší dotaz, týkající se tvých scén. Nemohl jsem si nevšimnout, že v těch posledních, se již chováš značně profesionálně, zatímco v těch raných (mluvím hlavně o Legalporno) jsi občas "vypadla z role" a uklouzlo ti nějaké to české slovíčko viz. cituji: "do píčí, kurva" atd. Chci se tedy zeptat zda by jsi nemohla zvážit návrat ke svým začátkům a zase nějaké to spontánní české slovo přihodit k dobru. Věřím, že by to tvým scénám přidalo na zajímavosti a mnozí tví fanoušci by to uvítali. Jinak přeji mnoho zdaru.

Re: scény dotaz

LindaSweet 22/08/2015
A víš že jsem si toho taky trochu všimla :D. No určitě to zkusím zase vsunout :) Budu na to myslet. Děkuji

Re: Re: scény dotaz

thomasos77 23/08/2015
Jsem velmi mile překvapen, že na to máš podobný názor. Předpokládal jsem, že mě spíše pošleš kamsi, takže děkuji za pozitivní odpověď.


Alberto 22/08/2015
Linda, when you will be in Afghanistan?

Re: a

josh 24/08/2015
when u will be in iraq ?? Looolz Nasty big hole bitch

My question

Kakatimo 22/08/2015
Linda when wil you be in kenya?

You're amazing :)

Dom1551 21/08/2015
How in the world do I meet you?? Come to America one day! :) Plz lol


Alberto 21/08/2015
So, 10 days in a dark room in sunny helsinki, dropped in a dirty bed, fucked at least by 2 ´´provodnikov's´´(strangers) every day for a few bucks.
That´s what I see in 5 seconds in this site. Congratulations.

Re: Finland

Alfonso 21/08/2015
Jealous are you?

Re: Re: Finland

Alberto 21/08/2015
Yeah I´m so jealous, I gonna jump from a tower! Goodbye cruel world! Ahhhhh!!!

Re: Re: Re: Finland

Alfonso 21/08/2015
Not the 6th floor window of a hotel in Zurich? I thought that was your preferred location for fake suicides? Listen, I know it's hard for you to accept that Linda is having sex with people other than you and that, moreover, you will never ever have sex with her but you have to get over it. Don't give up hope though, there could be some unfortunate woman out there who is willing to have sex with you, unlikely but possible, good luck with that but, in the meantime, you can always go back to your downloaded collection of Linda's pictures and videos and masturbate over them.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Finland

Alberto 21/08/2015
OMG I´m a monster!!!. I really should like to be a succesful man like you. ;)

Re: Finland

xavier 21/08/2015
Wow, is that true? really sad environment for her.

Re: Re: Finland

Alberto 21/08/2015
Is not just a sad environment, I check this site in early 2015, and she answer any kind of questions, dreams, whatever. Now is just a schedule of escorting tours.

Re: Re: Re: Finland

Alfonso 21/08/2015
OK now I understand your behaviour, Linda has broken your poor heart by ignoring you :(((( But I'm sorry to tell you, she's not your girlfriend, she doesn't have to waste her time talking to some hopeless inadequate who decides to contact her over the internet. Get a life, man, or find some other pornstar who will talk to you, I should warn you however that most of them will be escorting ;)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Finland

Alberto 21/08/2015
you really know me bro, are a psychiatrist? It´s really amazing. Tell more about me. I wanna read ten lines please. Don´t be shy, take your your time.
A broken heart

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Finland

Alfonso 21/08/2015
You need to see a psychiatrist, that much is obvious, lol. Talking to yourself is often a sign of psychiatric disorder, am I right, Xavier, sorry, I mean Alberto?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Finland

Alberto 21/08/2015
Ok Alfonso aka Eissalis aka Alberto aka Xavier aka Juha Zekkinen.

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