Patrick 05/11/2017
I think you find this question very indiscreet but I would like to know the reasons for your hospitalizations at the beginning of the year and last year.
is it linked to depression, an infection?
As I am a fan who would like to earn your trust (and your respect) be assured of my utmost discretion.
I could never practice your activity (even as a male fighter) and yet I am admiring your cinematographic performances.
In addition, I met you once in Paris (spring) a wonderful memory ... paralyzed by so many happiness of such a meeting.
The thought of this little hour gives me a boost in this sometimes sad life. I wanted to thank again for that, you do not even imagine that a simple little meeting can transform a man. Thanks thanks thanks.
My greatest happiness is not to meet you to enjoy your body in a carnal way, but it would be to know you happy. Your happiness would be mine.
Good luck ... and see you soon.

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