Eric 11/04/2016
I find it interesting reading a lot of these comments, and seeing the ideas that crop up in peoples' minds. Of course ideas are not dangerous unless they find a place to rest MORE profound than the human mind. Words like "love" and "money" are being thrown around as if they were as arbitrary as a westward wind. It's easy for one to forget that when you come to love, you're also coming to the end of your own existence. And when you come to money, your current existence, whatever it might be, is now shattered, and something created anew. In either case, we see these ideas and feelings have all cropped up due to a dangerous brewing of inner disquietude. And inside, when such feelings permeate, one ends up attacking that which is easy. Unfortunately for Linda, it is almost always the "wrong animal" being attacked. It seems Lucretius is not as far away as it may seem on the teleological path. Because even those who do not lead down such paths (such as myself) are in the end steered that way by those that are... Food for thought.

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